The Welldom Stoa is a digital space for builders who create products that amplify human values.

The Stoa was once a covered portico where Greek thinkers met to philosophize. We're bringing this spirit into our exploration of what it means to:

Put the human back in technology
Build in a way that puts people’s values first, profits second 
Nurture mindfulness over engagement metrics

We are a safe space for: 

Discussion. What it means tactically to build under this mental model
Tools. Sharing stories and resources on ethical design and product philosophies
Support. Finding community to support our development as builders under this paradigm shift

Join if you are:

A builder of a consumer social product
A builder of a mental health or wellness product
who cares deeply about our aims

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Why is this important?

Consumer dissatisfaction with the first wave of social products is at an all time high.

We may feel fulfilled, but our emotional needs aren't met. While these technologies claim to connect us, the unintended effect is that they also drive us apart. Shares, likes, hearts, story views are turning into empty calories. 
The attention economy. As movies like The Social Dilemma highlight, products are engineered around a combination of network effects and ad-supported business models that monetize off of people’s time and attention. 
Product teams make design decisions to optimize revenue targets. The positive feedback loop propagates the predominantly shallow product experiences we have today.

Awareness is a great start, but what does it look like to start applying human-first principles tactically?

How do we arrive at a shared definition of what is ethical and values-driven?
Within product organizations, how do we enact process changes and shifts of time & resources to support this new paradigm? 
How can we draw on philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology, to help us navigate this shift?